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What we can do?

If you want to develop technical solutions for your company, SIWG-UIB offers knowledge and experience in a wide range of business forms - from contract research to long-term research cooperation. We want to exist here to support the business and industrial sectors of our society with advanced technical development. We are able to push your needs to take your business to the next level based on scientific research.

Join us at research project

The members of SIWG-UIB have conducted research work with both public and private funding for over 15 years. In many cases the SIWG-UIB members activity is done in cooperation with the private sector in the Balearic Islands and Europe. The projects vary in size, but all attempts to solve the problems related to industry and explore new areas of interest to the public and private sectors. Members of SIWG-UIB participate in various categories of calls for projects providing European experience and the results achieved in coordination with researchers and European companies.

From research results to technology transfer

The research results commercialization is an integral part of the activities that wants to develop SIWG-UIB. The exploitation of research results highlights the importance of time and resources invested in research and directly or indirectly generates value for the business partners and the private sector as a whole.

Through programs UIB promoted marketing results both individually, and in collaboration with the participants of the research. Members of SIWG-UIB cooperates with various actors in the innovation system in the Balearic Islands,  and international to develop and strengthen the role of research institutes in the innovation system.

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprices/Initiatives

For SMEs, the SIWG-UIB can help you find alternative ways to make economically viable solutions through advanced research projects with EU funding or private. Esser department investicació, development and innovation of small and medium enterprises is one of the main objectives of the SIWG-UIB, thus helping to strengthen the industry in the Balearic Islands.

People Mobility

The SIWG-UIB provides an opportunity for responsible innovation in the private sector and researchers from other institutions can combine an academic career with exposure to industry challenges. SIWG-UIB members partipate in several official Master and PhD programs in addition to undergraduate degrees in almost all disciplines offered at the UIB. Therefore, teaching experience supports us in being themselves transmitters of scientific knowledge, providing value to any new initiative.

Science Research Disemination

Every year, researchers published in the SIWG-UIB scientific results using the appropriate spaces in each area of knowledge, producing opinion articles in international journals, conference proceedings and workshops, book chapters and technical reports. In addition to publications, researchers disseminate their results to other academic researchers, organizing and participating in academic conferences and workshops. The industrial partners of SIWG-UIB can benefit from this position within the international scientific community, a frontline research and international experience that members of SIWG-UIB puts at your fingertips.